Queen Elizabeth’s most expensive jewellery costs £5billion from 14th Century

The Queen has shown off countless tiaras, necklaces, brooches and earrings during her 70 years as a monarch. Her Platinum Jubilee is tomorrow and royal fans will be celebrating seven decades of fabulous jewellery. Her Majesty’s Coronation watch is now worth millions, but what is her most expensive piece of jewellery? New research by H&T has revealed the history behind the Queen’s choices of jewellery and the value of each piece ahead of her Platinum Jubilee.

Jaeger LeCoultre Watch worn at The Queen’s Coronation

Queen Elizabeth II has a very special timepiece in her collection.

Invented in 1929, the Jaeger LeCoultre 101 movement is the smallest automatic movement available.

This particular ‘La Reine’ (The Queen) watch was worn by the Queen at her Coronation in 1953 and was a gift to her from Vincent Auriol the then President of France.

This watch is embellished with 110 Diamonds and is still produced today in very small numbers.

It retails for £135,000.

In 2012, Jaeger LeCoultre gifted a white gold version of the watch to the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee.

Experts at H&T commented saying: ‘’The original Coronation watch will be considered a museum piece and if not ‘priceless’ would be worth between £3-5million to a collector.”

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The Brazilian Aquamarine Parure

The Diamond and Aquamarine Parure has evolved through time originally consisting of a necklace and earrings presented to the Queen in 1953 as a gift from the people of Brazil.

In 1957, the Queen herself commissioned Garrard to make a tiara to match.

That same year, Brazil generously gifted the Queen a matching bracelet and brooch and in 1968, a hair ornament.

Taking the history of these items into consideration, H&T expect this parure to have a value in excess of £5million.


The Black Prince’s Ruby is in fact a natural spinel of 170cts that has been in the possession of the country’s rulers since the 14th century.

The 104ct Stuart Sapphire is named after the ‘Old Pretender’.

It may be a coincidence of course but the colours are red, white and blue, the colours of the union flag.

This crown is of course considered priceless but H&T estimates it has a value of between £3-5billion, the most expensive of all the Queen’s jewellery.

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