Queen Elizabeth II uses key accessory to end conversations – pictures

Perhaps more than anyone else in the world, Queen Elizabeth II is constantly meeting new people. And despite being an excellent conversationalist, just like the rest of us, HRH will occasionally want to end an interaction. An expert told Express.co.uk how she does it discreetly.

Handbags are an important accessory used by the Royal Family – and not just for fashionable purposes.

Daena Borrowman, marketing manager at jewellerybox told Express.co.uk: “Handbags or clutches also serve as a handy social tool.

“They are always held in the left hand so their right hand is free to wave at the public or greet people, yet royals may sometimes hold them using both hands to avoid shaking hands.

“The Queen, however, uses her handbag to send social signals to her staff to indicate that she is done with her meal or would like to end a conversation.”

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In conversation with People, royal historian Hugo Vickers revealed that should Her Majesty wish to end a conversation, she switches her handbag from one arm to the other.

Hugo described this potential event as “very worrying” but added that it would be handled “very nicely”.

For example, someone might come over and discreetly steer the offending person over to somebody else.

If the Queen really wants to leave, she goes one step further and puts her bag down on the ground, according to the expert.


Her three favourite Launer bags are The Custom Bag, The Royale and The Triviata.

However, unsurprisingly, the Queen will have her bags customised, for example a slightly longer handle.

Referring to The Triviata bag, Launer London’s official website reads: “Transcending time and looking every bit as stylish and contemporary as a bag of modern proportions should.

“The Traviata is an iconic bag – a style favoured by HM The Queen.

“With its structured silhouette, fine tuned proportions and signature twisted rope emblem, this beautifully hand crafted design is a true investment piece.”

It is currently retailed at £2,090.00.

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