Princess Margaret: Countess of Snowdon’s most iconic jewellery sets

Some of the Countess of Snowdon’s most iconic jewellery pieces have been sold in auctions, while some remain in the Queen’s possession. Below are ten sensational jewels owned by Princess Margaret and worn during her lifetime.

The Poltimore Tiara:

Purchased by Princess Margaret herself, this large diamond tiara was worn by the princess on her wedding day on 6 May 1960.

After her death, the piece was auctioned where it sold for $1.7 million.

The Persian Turquoises:

Designed by Garrard, this set of turquoise jewels was given by Queen Mary to the Queen Mother as a wedding gift.

It has a number of symbolic motifs, including true lover’s knots, lamps of love, and triumphal wreaths of laurel.

This sentimental set was returned to the palace vaults after Margaret’s death in 2002 by special request of the Queen.

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Queen Mary’s Diamond Riviere:

This gorgeous necklace of large diamonds was bestowed to Queen Mary by Lady Mount Stephen in 1933.

It was eventually given by Queen Mary to Margaret as a present.

It was one of her most worn pieces throughout her lifetime.

In 2006, it was sold for an astonishing $1.8 million.

The Teck Diamond Hoop Necklace:

This necklace of diamond circles once belonged to Queen Mary’s mother, the Duchess of Teck, hence its name.

The piece is now owned by Margaret’s son, Viscount Linley.


The Lotus Flower Tiara:

This is one of the tiaras that belonged to the Queen Mother in her youth.
Margaret wore it throughout her life, and her daughter-in-law, Viscountess Linley, wore it as a wedding tiara.

After Margaret’s death, it returned to the royal vaults, resurfacing only to be worn by the Duchess of Cambridge in 2015.

Pearl Choker with Diamond Clasp:

Many of the ladies in the Royal Family have worn this multi-stranded pearl choker.

It is large and bedazzled with jewels, which looked fabulous on Margaret.

This massive necklace is now owned by her daughter, Lady Sarah.

The Cartier Halo Tiara:

This was the tiara that the Duchess of Cambridge wore for her wedding in April 2011.

However, Margaret wore the Cartier Halo Tiara numerous times as a young princess.

She even wore the tiara with her coronet at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

The Snowdon Floral Tiara:

Antony Armstrong-Jones gave Margaret three diamond floral brooches as a wedding present.

When their daughter, Sarah, married in 1994, Wartski combined the brooches to make a tiara.

Sarah later inherited it from her mother in 2002.

The Cartier Diamond Rose Brooch:

This was made for Margaret in 1938 by Cartier, as her middle name is Rose.

It was worn at the 1953 coronation of her sister, Queen Elizabeth II.

It later sold at auction for more than $280,000.

Ruby and Diamond Girandole Earrings:

Margaret wore these earrings made of rubies and diamonds set in silver and gold, throughout her lifetime.

After her death, the earrings raised nearly $100,000 at auction.

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