Princess Margaret & Anne: Body language shows pair ‘entirely different ends of the Firm’

Princess Anne, 71, is the only niece of the late Princess Margaret who passed away in 2002 aged 71. The relationship between the royal niece and aunt has always garnered a lot of speculation as they have quite a few notable similarities. The Princess Royal is often branded one of the hardest working royals and, as a result, she usually attends the most royal engagements out of the Royal Family.

Before the death of Princess Margaret in 2002, the two royals occasionally stepped out together.

Margaret was the younger sister of the Queen, who was born in 1930 and had a reputation for being a very glamorous royal.

Despite being known for her wit and often sharp tongue, Margaret’s beauty and glamour meant she was as equally popular as Elizabeth Taylor in the 1950s.

Royal photographer, Cecil Beaton, wrote of Princess Margaret in 1973: “I do feel sorry for her.

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“She was not very nice in the days when she was so pretty and attractive.”

Princess Anne took on a working role in the Royal Family when she was just 18-years-old in 1968, and would sometimes cross paths with her aunt.

During the 1960s and early 1970s, Anne would wear mini skirts and appear very fashionable with her choice of clothes, like Margaret did during her youth.

But today, the Princess Royal is most known for being one of the hardest working members of the Royal Family.


Anne raised both of her children, Peter and Zara Phillips, without royal titles allowing them to live a more normal life with fewer restrictions.

She also has been known to not mince her words, which many royal commentators see as a similarity to her late aunt.

Commenting on Margaret and Anne’s relationship for, body language expert Judi James claimed the two royals, despite seeming similar on the surface, had some clear differences.

Judi said: “There was a short period in Anne’s life when both her body language and her choice of outfits suggested she was seeing her aunt Margaret as something of a role model.

“This was when Anne was being expected to look and act like a Disney princess, setting fashions for the public to copy and posing for glamorous photo shoots and magazine spreads.

“Princess Margaret’s body language with her niece suggested rapport and some signals of protection as though she saw Anne as a bit of a protégé to keep under her wing.

“Margaret and Anne were always, in reality, two very different women though.

“As Anne grew out of the phase of buckling to pressure to look like a fashion icon, her more stoic and no-nonsense side emerged, and she became very much her own woman.

“While Margaret was seen partying and hosting a very risqué lifestyle on Mustique, Anne became the Olympic sportswoman with an industrial-strength work ethic in the UK.

“In many ways, the two women stood at entirely different ends of the Firm, with Margaret’s A-list celebrity lifestyle and her rather bohemian marriage looking a world away from Anne’s less glamorous work ethic.

“Seeing the two women together suggests they retained some bonds of affection and even respect.

“Margaret always showed signs of being a very fond Auntie to Anne, but in terms of lifestyles it’s hard to imagine they had very much in common.”

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