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A picture reportedly shows the Princess alive in a mall in Dubai. The royal had claimed she was being held hostage by her father in February, in a concerning video clip she sent to the same British broadcasters.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, has consistently denied these claims and said she is safe and well.

The photo posted on social media platform Instagram appears to have been snapped in the Mall of the emirates in Dubai.

Facemasks are visible on the table which suggests the picture was taken in the last 18 months.

The photo appeared on the Instagram profile shinnybryn two days ago.

Some Instagram users commented with heart emojis under the picture.

One added: “She’s out at last then, that’s fab to see xxx”

No explanation for the photo was given but sources close to her legal team told the Sunday Express she had been “released from captivity”.

They added the photograph was legitimate but felt it had been intentionally leaked.

The news came less than 48 hours after the Free Latifa campaign filed a sanction request against five people it said were involved in the case to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

This could have led to assets being frozen.

Free Latifa campaign co-founder David Haigh said: “The timing of the leaked photograph is, to our minds, no coincidence.

“There have been several potentially major positive developments in the last 24 hours.

“Our campaign will make a full statement with more information about events at the appropriate time.”

The daughter of the ruler of Dubai has used a smuggled phone to record videos claiming she was being held hostage in February.

Princess Latifa was believed to be a hostage of her father, the ruler of Dubai, and her whereabouts were unknown.

In a video from April 2019 she says: “So I am in a villa. I am a hostage. This villa has been converted into a jail.

“All the windows are barred shut, I can’t open any windows.

“There are five policemen outside and two policewomen inside the house and I can’t even go outside to get any fresh air.”

She continued: “I am doing this video from a bathroom because it is the only room with a door that I can lock.

She continued: “I don’t really know if I’m going to survive this situation.

“The police threatened me that I’ll be in prison my whole life and I’ll never see the sun again.”

The United Nations has said it will raise the detention of Princess Latifa with the authorities in the UAE.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said at the time that the case of Princess Latifa was “concerning” and the pictures of her are “very distressing”, adding that people want to see that “she is alive and well”.

Princess Latifa, 35, is the daughter of one of the world’s richest men, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum.

She is just one of his 25 children.

Not much is known about the Princess aside from her attempted escape from the country.

She attempted to escape in 2018 but was reportedly found by her father’s men on a yacht off the coast of India and returned against her will to Dubai.

Dubai and the UAE have previously said she is safe in the care of her family.

The UAE came under intense pressure to reveal the whereabouts of Princess Latifa following her friends revealing the information about her detention to BBC Panorama.

The United Nations were investigating her disappearance and whereabouts.

Last month the UN said the UAE had not provided compelling proof she was still alive.

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