Princess Eugenie: Royal has similar personality to Queen Elizabeth II – body language

Princess Eugenie may not be as much in the royal limelight as her cousins William and Harry, but she’s still a chip off the old block when it comes to her likeness to Queen Elizabeth II. Body language expert Judi James spoke to about how Eugenie bears an uncanny resemblance to her granny.

Princess Eugenie and the Queen are similar in both looks and manner.

This is evident from their interactions with one another, but also in photographs of the Queen in her younger days.

Judi James analysed one photo in particular: “A photograph of the Queen on her wedding day shows how startling the likeness between her and granddaughter Eugenie can be.

“They share the same hour-glass body shape and their facial features are remarkably similar.”

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Although Eugenie is now 32-years-old, and the Queen only 21 in her wedding photos, the two bare a striking resemblance to one another.

Indeed, “the hair colour and even styling appears to be a match”, according to the body language expert.

However, the comparisons are not just skin deep between the royal women.

“It is also the more powerful non-verbal signals that create a suggestion that these two women might also share similar personality traits, presence and approach to the role of royalty.”

Judi even believes that it is Eugenie who has inherited “most of the traits”.


She explained: “The Queen managed to combine a rather traditional regal poise with a smile and eye expression that made her look more ‘real’ and less aloof than previous royals back in the day.

“Her upright posture and her projection of calm confidence and leadership ability involved a complex blend of status signals and something more approachable and even fun.”

In much the same way, Eugenie approaches her royal responsibilities with decorum, grace and elegance, whilst injecting her own fun personality into the role.

Judi continued: “Like the Queen she appears to be a calm and confidence presence and like the Queen she can manage the switch between her more contemporary style of posing for photos in a family setting and a more formal look that clearly reflects the blue blood that runs in her veins.”

Effortlessly, she can make the switch between royal engagement photos and family fun Instagram photos.

“There are rarely if ever any signs of barrier, self-comfort or anxiety ‘leakage’ from Eugenie’s body language.

“She tends to stand poised and with her arms carried slightly away from her torso to suggest strong self-esteem.”

Even when announcing her engagement, she displayed the same control of emotion that the Queen is famous for.

Of course, the Princess conveyed obvious happiness, but remained collected at the same time.

Perhaps the similarities between the Queen and Eugenie were sculpted through their relatively mirrored upbringings.

Not only were both women raised in the landscape of the UK Royal Family, they also both grew up enjoying a close bond with a mother and sister.

Princess Eugenie grew up with sister Beatrice and mother Sarah Ferguson, forming the iconic ‘tripod’, whilst the Queen had a similiar dynamic with Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.

Judi concluded: “The sense of collective and shared strength between the two Elizabeths and Margaret seems reflected in the bonds between Fergie and her two daughters.”

And their similarities can even be mapped in their individual fashion choices.

Like grandmother, like granddaughter, both royal women chose dresses in the “Dior style – with pulled-in waists and full skirts, showing off their upper torso poise and the signature upturned V gap under the armpits”.

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