Princess Diana would’ve been “supportive” of Meghan and Harry, according to astrologer

We can’t 100 percent say that Princess Diana would have been supportive of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s tell-all Oprah interview, but Francesca thinks she would’ve kept the situation calm.

The astrologer said “I think she’d be quite supportive of Harry and Meghan and would’ve made less drama of it all and been all for the truth coming out.

“Diana’s got the Moon in Aquarius, she’s Rising Sagittarius and she has Uranus opposite the Moon so she really was quite outspoken, quite unpredictable, and she’s capable of cutting people off.

“However, I think with Venus in Taurus and Sun in Cancer she values family, so there are these two sides to her.

“Overall though, her morals and her love of the truth would’ve meant that she’d be supportive of the truth.”

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