Princess Diana: Shop the royal’s original clothes – as seen in Spencer

Sapphire jewellery

Princess Diana was a big wearer of rich royal blues, and ‘Spencer’ pays tribute to Diana’s love of deep blue jewels and matching garments.

In February 1981, Prince Charles proposed to Lady Diana with a sapphire engagement ring.

Diana chose the mesmerising blue ring herself from Garrad’s existing catalogue, against royal protocol, and was allegedly inspired by her mother’s engagement ring when choosing the beautiful gem.

At the engagement reveal photoshoot, Diana wore a cobalt blue Harrods suit off the rack, to match her glorious ring.

The ring in question, now belonging to Kate Middleton, is a 12-carat blue Ceylon sapphire surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds with an 18K white-gold band.

James Harris, Diamond Jewellery Consultant at Diamonds Factory, estimates Lady Diana’s ring to be worth between £300,000 – £700,000.

Diana also received a seven-strand pearl necklace with a sapphire brooch centrepiece from the Queen when she married Charles.

This became one of her most iconic pieces and royal fans will have likely seen her photographed in it at President Reagan’s 1985 White House Gala where she famously took John Travolta’s hand in a dance.

While Lady Diana’s jewels are out of budget for many of us, sapphire rings and jewellery are already regaining popularity – and there will likely be more sapphire-inspired costume jewellery on the high street.

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