Princess Charlene has ‘similar trait’ to one notable British royal – ‘loving’ but ‘sad’

During her first appearance last week, Charlene greeted racing car drivers Max Verstappen and Sebastien Vettel on the cheek after arriving holding her husband’s hand. On the second day, the Princess was seen with her daughter, Princess Gabriella, whom she has taken with her to various engagements this year, including the Monte Carlo Fashion Awards earlier this month. Charlene seemed to be more tactile with her children than with her husband, according to a body language expert. What could this demonstrate about the family’s dynamic? And which other royal does Charlene’s behaviour compare to?

Body language expert Judi James told “Charlene is clearly a very tactile and even protective mother, being seen cuddling her children, holding hands as they walk, or standing with her hands on their shoulders during more formal poses.

“This spontaneous display of maternal warmth has been ongoing, especially when the children were taken to visit her in South Africa, and the way the children respond so naturally suggests this body language is not performed or modified for the cameras.”

However, Judi claimed that “with Albert, the gestures and rituals are more mixed”.

She continued: “At the Grand Prix, Charlene posed performing mimed touch rituals with their drivers, standing with one arm around their back and leaning in for the photographs, but there was little tactile behaviour between herself and her husband.

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“New shots have emerged of the couple holding hands as they walked together, although the way Charlene was slightly behind him initially and holding her clutch bag in the hand that was between them suggests she changed hands for the hand clasp deliberately.”

It is, therefore, not clear for how long Charlene and Albert held hands as these photographs of them only emerged hours after the initial pictures of the couple at the event.

Judi went on to say that “it is good to see Charlene appearing at public engagements again after her long break for illness”.

“And given the consistent rumours about her marriage, it is probably wise to keep to small steps this time rather than falling into any over-congruent ‘togetherness’ poses with her husband again, like the very clingy ones we saw from South Africa,” the body language expert said.

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Interestingly, Judi compared Charlene’s body language with another royal: Princess Diana.

She said: “A problem with Charlene’s body language though, and it is a trait that she shares in some way with Princess Diana, is an ability to use fluctuating facial expressions.

“Diana generally looked happy, but she could suddenly fall into a facial expression that was incredibly sad and reflective, even during her engagement interview.

“Charlene has shown a similar trait since her wedding, when her smiles of joy would slip into something much sadder-looking.

For her first appearance at the Grand Prix, the Princess wore a blue tunic featuring a black and white pattern, with a pair of white jeans underneath.

Her peroxide blonde hair was slicked back, and she donned a large pair of sunglasses and a red lip.

Charlene’s outfit on the second day was less casual: she opted for a pale blue jumpsuit, believed to be by Terrence Bray, and custom made, according to royal fashion fans.

She completed the look with a pair of pale pink Dolce & Gabbana pumps.

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