Princess Anne’s body language is ‘intimidating’ but ‘inspires confidence & resilience’

Princess Anne, 71, is the only daughter of the Queen, 95, and is regularly described as the hardest-working member of the Royal Family. She has become known as a workhorse as opposed to a clotheshorse like other female royals. In 2021, Anne attended 387 official engagements which was the highest number of appointments within the Royal Family.

Her no-nonsense attitude has cemented her in Britons’ minds as being a very strong role model.

In honour of International Women’s Day, spoke to body language expert Judi James about the Princess Royal.

Judi argues that Princess Anne’s “stoicism” is what makes her such an inspirational royal woman.

The expert claims: “Princess Anne’s body language and her behaviour reflect the very best qualities inherited or learned from both of her parents, creating an almost perfect royal blend.

“Her stoicism is as pronounced as the Queen’s, with neither women being prone to moments of self-pity, complaint or weakness.

“Like her father Philip though, Anne excels at a military bearing mixed with what looks like a wicked sense of humour.

“In uniform she can look every inch a leader in the style of both her father and his ‘Uncle Dickie’ Mountbatten,” Judi noted.

What body language signals does Princess Anne exude through her royal work that makes her so “inspirational”?


Judi continued: “Leadership and inspirational charisma are primarily about the ‘Science of Sensation’, i.e. how a leader or influencer makes other people feel when they are around.

“Anne’s presence might appear intimidating socially but as a leader, she would inspire confidence and resilience in the people around her.

“The Princess’ upright posture, her raised chin and the suggestion of humour in her facial expression would be as impressive as her directness and her clear, deep, no-nonsense vocal tone.”

Does Anne’s style impact how inspirational she comes across?

“But instead, she has always thrown herself into her job in the Firm with a work ethic that probably outstrips other, more high-profile royals.

“She is also a woman who has shown high levels of bravery, especially when she encountered a gunman trying to kidnap her in London one evening and put up a spirited fight.

“Anne seems to define feminism and equality but without really going on about it.

“I suspect it’s something she’s just expected which, for a woman who grew up in the 1960s, when women were expected to give up their careers when they married, seems remarkable in itself.”

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