Princess Anne has ‘stubborn sense of confidence’ who is ‘unbothered’ by others’ opinions

This could be thanks to her several years in the Royal Family, with her confidence growing throughout.

Judi went on: “In an era devoted to narcissistic image enhancements, Anne looks like a woman refreshingly comfortable in her own skin and a woman unbothered by the opinions of others. 

“Her body movements look as practical as her trait of always pinning her hair up in a French pleat to keep it tidy. 

“She will wear clothes that are years old because they do the job, as does her rather brusque and challenging manner.”

One of Princess Anne’s greatest tests of confidence was at London Fashion week which she attended last year.

Judi previously told “The notoriously unfashionable princess could have looked like a fish out of water here, especially surrounded by the Gothic stage set but instead she makes her speech standing alone with her shoulders squared and using authoritative facial expressions like the raised brows, solid eye-contact with her audience and the puckered, asymmetric smile.”

However although she may appear to have a tough exterior, Judi said: “Watching Zara and Peter discussing their mother on a documentary made for her birthday recently there were clues that her tough exterior might hide a softer centre but to the rest of us she presents as a woman whose tough exterior hides a core of steel.

“We learn our body language via copying and often the person we copy the most is the person we would most like to be like. 

“In this respect Anne seems to have inherited an energy and a lack of any signals of self-pity from her mother but her key role model is clearly her father.”

Princess Anne’s body language can also be compared to that of her father’s as Judi says she has a “similar air of fearlessness and challenge”.

She added: “Like her father, her head is usually cocked in a questioning gesture or it is held with her chin raised and her eyes set on a more distant horizon. 

“Her eyes have a similar twinkle but they can also produce a harder stare. 

“Unlike her father she has a handbag to cope with but her habit of sticking it under her arm looks as evolved to be practical as Philip’s trait of standing with his hands clasped firmly behind his back.

“The underarm handbag can produce what look like barrier gestures from Anne, who often has her hands clasped in front of her torso and her fingers meshed. 

“This could suggest wariness in most people but given Anne’s other non-verbal signals it looks more like a desire to keep some distance rather than taking the more tactile, crowd-pleasing approach of royal women like Sophie, Kate and Meghan.”

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