Princess Anne: A look back at the 71-year-old’s iconic jewellery

“Princess Anne has worn this piece repeatedly, including for a fashion show in 1992, and more recently to welcome the King and Queen of Spain in 2017, showing the brooch’s timelessness.

“Other brooches in her collection include a diamond and sapphire pin that is a copy of Queen Victoria’s, which Princess Anne wore for a banquet in Dubai in 1984, and a ruby and diamond square piece, worn for a banquet in 1987.

“She demonstrated a flair for fashion when choosing an Art Deco aquamarine brooch for the Buckingham Palace garden party in 2014, a piece that was redesigned from the Aquamarine Pineflower Tiara, a gift from King George VI to his wife.

“Other notable pieces of jewellery include her particular favourite, the choker, an example of which is a remarkable pearl and sapphire piece which she wore for a charity dinner in 2003.

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