Prince Harry’s style ‘a breath of fresh air’ but ‘we miss out’ on the real William

Both brought up in a royal setting, Prince William and Harry dressed smartly and suitably from a young age. Prince Harry, having given up his title, is now free to wear what he chooses. But, if left to his own devices, how would Prince William like to dress? spoke exclusively to stylist Melita Latham.

Melita stated: “It is very apparent that the dress code for the male royals leans toward formality.

“This could be a mixture of their initial military influence since all royal males are expected to serve in the military in their early years.”

Indeed, Prince Harry served in the army for 10 years, rising to the rank of Captain and serving in two tours of Afghanistan.

His older brother, Prince William, completed seven and a half years in the army, training as an officer and later a pilot.

Both William and Harry donned military uniform on their wedding days, William sporting a red military uniform as Colonel of the Irish Guards, and Harry the frockcoat uniform of the Blues and Royals.

As for what has been expected of them style wise: “We typically only see the royals on formal engagements so therefore we would expect to see them dressed for the occasion.”

The Morning Dress ensemble comprises a cutaway tailcoat, striped trousers, a turndown collar shirt, a waistcoat and a tie, and has been worn for events such as Royal Ascott and Prince Philip’s funeral.

The unofficial uniform on royal males’ days off tend to be muted colours of pale grey, crisp white and navy blues.

Melita stated: “Harry’s style is less formal since giving up his HRH title.

“Cast your mind back to his announcement of baby number two with his bare feet on display, something we have never seen before.”

She continued: “We can put it down to the fact he is living his new life in a different climate and wearing a suit and tie would probably not suit his environment, instead opting for a cool, relaxed linen top and trousers and baring his feet to all.

“It’s also a statement that says ‘this is me’ and only he decides what suits him for the occasion.”

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The photograph was captured by photographer and Meghan’s long-term friend Misan Harriman, who shared the photograph on Twitter.

The nation was divided, and while some appreciated The Duke of Sussex’s more casual, authentic look, many took to social media to voice their disproval over his lack of footwear.

Twitter user Dory Lavetta tweeted: “This photo is so warm, and full of love. Stunning! Congratulations to the Sussexes, for this amazing and wonderful good news!”

@WillsWhinge disagreed: “I wish people on the telly would stop showing that photo of Prince Harry with his feet out.”

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Melita explained: “William and Harry will have no doubt been advised what is best to wear depending on the assignment and so I am sure it was a breath of fresh air to inject some of Harry’s own personality into his outfits.”

As for Prince William, who remains a pillar of the Royal Family, Melita fears that “we miss out” on seeing the Prince’s true self.

She posed the question: “If William was free from all clothing restraints one wonders what would he choose to wear on a night out with the missus?

“All we see is what we have always seen. Collared shirt, open neck or tie, blazer/jacket and shiny shoes. Let’s get to know the real William, which of course is possible through our fashion choices.”

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