Prince Harry: Body language with Kate Middleton has ‘always looked special’

Although they now live in different countries, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton were often pictured laughing and joking when they undertook royal duties. One body language expert has claimed that Harry’s signals in the past suggest that the Duchess was the “sister he always wanted”.

Prince Harry stepped back from his senior royal role within the Royal Family last year.

The most recent outing from the Prince in the UK was back in July then the Princess Diana statue was unveiled. 

For this appearance, he was seen with his brother, Prince William where they can be seen engaging in conversation.

However, Prince Harry also seemed to have a close bond with Kate Middleton, with several snaps showing them laughing and joking.

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Analysing a photo from the Anzac Day Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving back in 2019 at Westminster Abbey, Judi explained that Harry reveals “high levels of affection”.

The snap, which shows Prince Harry gazing towards Kate, shows Harry smiling while looking at his sister-in-law.

The expert explained: “Harry’s facial expression as he gazes at Kate in this first photo does seem to reveal high levels of affection and possibly some amount of awe. 

“She might have been his ideal, perfect sibling and, of course, someone to help fill some of the gap left by his mother. 

“His whole facial expression has softened here and his eye-gaze and eye-expression form a warm and affectionate-looking tie-sign.”

Back in 2019, when Prince Harry was still a working member of the Royal Family, he was often spotted at royal events and engagements.

One of those occasions was the Easter service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor where he can be seen engaging with Kate.

Judi said: “We can see Harry lean across to engage Kate specifically in communication in a group scenario, and Kate responds with an open-mouth smile and fond-looking response.”

The expert explained that their bonding is “obvious” when they attend an event together.

Judi added: “Walking side by side they chat using sustained eye-contact, looking like close friends catching up after a long break.

 “William has clearly been in Harry’s life the longest and the bonding between the brothers would have been guaranteed to create some feelings of loss and sadness after their split but the distancing from Kate might have hurt almost as much, given the warm sibling/parental vibe from their body language signals when they were together. 

“Harry spent so much time with his brother and his wife before his own marriage and, given William’s at times almost parental approach to Harry, it could be easy to assume that Kate had something of a maternal role in his life, too.”

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