Prescription charges: Woman, 42, ‘cuts tablets in half’ as struggle with costs spiral | Personal Finance | Finance

She added: “I work but wages aren’t rising in line with the cost of living. I’ve heard others are doing the same.

“There is so much inequality and it’s not right people with Parkinson’s, transplant recipients and those with heart problems have to pay for them whilst people with diabetes don’t.”

Ms Oakley has called for a “system overhaul” to address the problems she, and others, are facing with prescription charges.

Research from the Coalition in 2017 showed a third of respondents in England with long-term conditions had not collected a prescription item due to finances, with close to a third saying they skipped medication.

The prescription charge has been frozen this year, however, Laura Cockram, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Parkinson’s UK and Chair of the Prescription Charge Coalition, said charges have risen by 26 percent since 2010.

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