Premium Bonds draw to take place this week – how to check if you have won | Personal Finance | Finance

Premium Bonds are issued and overseen by National Savings and Investments (NS&I), under a lottery bond system. With numbers drawn at random, NS&I creates two millionaires with each draw, alongside other winners with prizes ranging from £50,000 to £25. With the November draw fast approaching this week, many will be keen to check if they have been fortunate enough to clinch a prize.

Those who have an NS&I number will find it on most communications they have received from the provider.

It is 11 digits long and will start with an 11, 21, 31 or 41 – so it is worth checking. 

In a modern step forward for NS&I, savers will also be able to check for prizes using just their voice.

Those who have an Amazon Alexa are encouraged to look out for the Premium Bonds prize checker skill.

The last two lucky people to become millionaires were made in October 2021, with NS&I releasing some details while keeping identities hidden.

The first winner was from South Gloucestershire, with the Bond number 433SN401366 which they purchased in January 2021.

The second winer was originally from Surrey, and won with a holding of £50,000.

Their lucky number was 436WJ503244, which they too purchased at the start of the year in February 2021. 

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