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Jacek Saryrusz-Wolski erupted at the Franco-German alliance as he accused the pair of amassing power that “departs” from what numerous EU treaty’s outline as acceptable levels of oversight of the bloc’s member states. It comes as France and Germany said in a joint statement that Poland had a legal and moral obligation to abide by the bloc’s rules “completely and unconditionally” after a Polish court ruled that EU law was incompatible with the Polish constitution.

Mr Saryrusz-Wolski slammed how the EU has been “taken over by some hegemonic forces who control both the parliament and the executive”.

The MEP accused the Franco-German alliance, spearheaded by French President Emmanuel Macron and outgoing German Chancellor Angela Merkel, of being behind this supposed takeover of power in the EU and its exertion of control over smaller member states such as Poland.

He went on to accuse two nations of throwing their support behind the EU’s move of “taking actions beyond the treaty based competences” which he accused was a breach of EU law.

Mr Saryrusz-Wolski also accused France and Germany of carrying out such tactics as they know there is “no agreement and no possibility to change the treaty’s” already in place.

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He claimed how as a result of this abuse of power, the rule of law is being “violated” by the European commission, the European Court of Justice and the political forces of the biggest countries in Europe who support these European institutions.

The MEP went on in his scathing crusade against the supposed abuses of power by suggesting Poland “know the treaties better than the old members” because they are newer members to the bloc.

He said as a result they know what they have signed up to as part of their membership of the EU.

Mr Saryrusz-Wolski added that as a Polish negotiator and expert in Poland’s accession to the EU, he is also clued up on what rights Poland has within the bloc despite efforts by the Commission to reach further into Polish politics.

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He slammed:  “We are sick of being lectured and we are tired of being told what is supremacy of law!”

The MEP’s comments come amid a spectacular fallout between the EU and Polish lawmakers following a court ruling that parts of EU law are incompatible with the Polish constitution.

The ruling sparked a massive backlash as more than 100,000 Poles took to the streets in over 100 locations across Poland marching in support of EU membership over fears the announcement could be the start of a ‘Polexit’ from the bloc.

The ruling stems from what many are branding Polish prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s attempts to push the country away from the European Union.

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Tweeting in support of the protests, Belgian MEP Guy Verhofstadt slammed: “Warsaw’s ready to march. Poland’s ready to defend European values and EU membership. When choices are clear and important people know all too well the EU is on their side.”

On Saturday, the Polish foreign ministry said Poland respects binding international law, they said: “All obligations arising from both primary and secondary European Union law remain in force and thus, will continue to be fully respected by Poland.”

“The provisions of the Treaty of the European Union indicated in the judgment… remain in force.

“What cannot be accepted are only the forms of their interpretation or application that violate the constitution.”

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