Pippa’s engagement ring ‘striking’ ring but Kate’s ‘iconic’ – which one wins the battle?

“Kate’s ring is a spectacular, beautiful, and large engagement ring which is instantly recognisable and the honour of wearing that legendary jewel is something myriads of women could only dream of,” she said.

Charlotte concluded that Kate’s ring is without a doubt, the most iconic and with more royal history.

“There is no question that, irrespective of price tags and fashion, Kate’s ring is one of the most iconic and well-recognised of our generation, steeped as it is in royal history, even though it was actually a pret-a-porter model, ordered from a Garrard’s catalogue by Diana who chose it in 1981.

“Pippa’s ring on the other hand is a handsome sized, art deco ring with a far more tenuous royal connection of its own,” she explained.

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