PIP: People with stress, anxiety or depression could qualify for £608 a month from DWP | Personal Finance | Finance

PIP recently replaced the Disability Living Allowance and isn’t just for people who have a physical disability. Britons who suffer from a hidden illness or mental health condition such as anxiety, stress or depression could also be eligible for PIP.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) makes payments of up to £608 a month to people under State Pension age who suffer from a long-term illness, disability or mental health condition.

Nearly three (2.8 million) people receive this financial support to help them meet everyday living costs, but thousands of Britons with mental health conditions could be missing out.

That’s because there is still a common misconception that these disability payments are for people who have an obvious physical condition.

However, if conditions like stress, anxiety and depression severely impact someone’s ability to carry out everyday tasks, they could still qualify.

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In total there are 19 conditions that qualify for PIP including:

  • Mixed anxiety and depressive disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Stress
  • Anxiety

This updated guidance may mean that applicants who have been turned down previously, could now qualify.

State benefits like Universal Credit and PIP could also act as a gateway benefit to additional financial assistance.

This includes free or reduced council tax bills, capped water bills, half price bus or rail fares and the Motability scheme.

PIP could also open up the door to the Warm Home Discount Scheme, a Cold Weather Payment, Blue badge in England and Wales, a vehicle tax discount of up to 100 percent and a Disabled Facilities Grant worth up to £30,000.

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