Pension: Six key questions you need to ask to secure the retirement of your dreams | Personal Finance | Finance


There are various ‘how’ based questions which pension savers and those on track for their retirement should ask.

How much state pension a person is due is key, as this is a retirement safety net. This can be checked online via the Government’s tool.

How a person is accessing their pension savings is also key, as withdrawing in the wrong way could incur hefty tax charges.

In addition, how much a person has in different pension pots will help them to understand if they have enough to see them through retirement.


Where the details of a person’s pension are is also important, given that paperwork is likely to hold the key to understanding pension arrangements.

Some individuals will have lost contact with old pensions over the years due to circumstantial changes such as changes of address and job.

Tracking these down is vital, and can be achieved through the Pension Tracing Service online.

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