Paul Newman’s brutally honest memoir confesses what he really thought of Robert Redford | Films | Entertainment

According to the BBC, Paul Newman: The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Man – A Memoir, claims the two stars weren’t really friends at the time.

The Butch Cassidy star who died in 2008, said: “You can’t depend on Redford. You’re never sure he’s going to be there. That’s simply discourteous.”

Clea Newman Soderlund, his youngest daughter with Joanne Woodward, believes that their tensions were thanks to a different way of working.

She said: “My father was very much a stickler for timeliness and Bob, that was never really his strength. It was hard work for dad. He worked very hard at it because he wanted to be good and he wanted to be successful and Bob was more of a free spirit.”

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