Partner Content| Rajasthan – The Great Indian Wedding Destination

The state serves up a delightful array of wedding destinations amid rolling sand dunes


Rajasthan - The Great Indian Wedding Destination

Rajasthan – the Land of the Kings – bears out its name through the cache of medieval forts and palaces it conceals. Scattered against the stark beauty of the desert landscape, the imposing structures offer a glimpse into the royals who held sway in the region through their ambition and valour.

Apart from being an invaluable part of India’s cultural heritage, Rajasthan’s grandiose monuments make it the ultimate Indian wedding destination. From the mighty Jaisalmer fort overlooking the Thar desert, to the understated charm of Bikaner and the cultural quirks of Jaipur, the choices seem endless!

Here’s a handy guide to help plan your perfect destination wedding in Rajasthan: