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The company’s Power Move scheme gives customers the opportunity to save money and cut their energy usage during greener times in the day. This trial could see households receive an extra £100 and is on offer from November 1, 2022 to March 31, 2022. It follows recent warnings from the National Grid ESO that Britain is at risk of facing blackouts this winter amid the ongoing energy bill crisis.

Through OVO Energy’s scheme, customers can get up to £100 in total for moving non-essential energy usage to times when the grid is “less congested”.

Customer data from the energy supplier shows that the National Grid is busiest between 4pm to 7pm.

During these hours, the average household uses around 19 percent of their daily total energy usage.

At times of peak demand, there is a lack of renewable energy to be shared which means carbon-fueled energy is used instead.

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The reliance on this type of energy means the UK could be leaving itself vulnerable to blackouts amid the ongoing crisis.

To mitigate this dilemma, OVO Energy is urging customers to cut their energy usage by 12.5 percent.

If this is achieved, £20 will be rewarded to households for each month this is carried out.

OVO’s CEO Raman Bhatia shared why this latest initiative with the National Grid will assist households who are looking to save in the coming months.


Mr Bhatia said: “The UK energy sector is at a crucial point, and we need a resilient grid to get us through this winter.

“This trial provides essential consumer data which can be shared with the Government and the National Grid to prevent power shortages, and will give customers a deeper insight into their energy consumption habits, with great potential savings.”

Outside of energy suppliers, consumer watchdogs are sharing their enthusiasm for the £100 blackout scheme.

Similar schemes have been announced by British Gas and Octopus Energy to help people address their energy usage and bills.

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Richard Neudegg, the director of regulation at Uswitch.com, noted the importance of Ovo Energy and other providers getting their “message out” when it comes to this concession.

Mr Neudegg explained: “Many households are changing their energy habits to help manage rising bills, and this positive, practical scheme from the National Grid could be another way consumers can benefit from changing the ways they use energy around the home.

“It’s important that enough suppliers take part in this scheme to really see the benefit – and that real efforts are made to get the message out.”

The consumer expert outlined how households can better monitor their energy usage amid the cost of living crisis.

He added: “Moving energy use to off-peak times will not be possible for every household, but could be beneficial for those that can. 

“This is one of the reasons why we’ve launched our app, Utrack by Uswitch, to help people better understand their home energy consumption and find ways to save energy in a manageable and safe way.” 

Due to annoying pressures in the wholesale gas and electricity market, households are experiencing an unprecedented cost of living crisis.

Even with the Government’s price guarantee, families are seeing a 12 percent hike to their energy bills since last month.

The latest scheme by OVO Energy is among the latest from suppliers to encourage people to cut usage and make money during this economic turmoil.

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