NS&I explains one Premium Bonds winner won £1million just months after buying Bond | Personal Finance | Finance

In May 2021, two people scooped a £1million payout each. NS&I has released some details about these jackpot winners, but as usual, their identities have not been revealed.

NS&I said the second Bond number drawn was 340LX170519.

This Bond belongs to a man from Wiltshire.

He holds a total of £34,000 in Premium Bonds.

This winner purchased the jackpot winning Bond in September 2018.

This month’s win makes the man the ninth Premium Bonds jackpot winner from Wiltshire.

In the same draw, there were five winners of £100,000 payouts.

Additionally, ten people scooped a £50,000 prize, while 20 secured a £25,000 sum.

Prizes range from £25 right up to the £1million payouts.

There is a limit as to how many Premium Bonds a person can hold.

This is £50,000 per person.

There is also a lower limit too.

Premium Bonds holder must save a minimum of £25.

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