North Korea news: Kim Jong-un launches ‘suicide’ drones in new threat to the west | World | News

Kim Jong-un is said to have sent a “grateful message” after the drones were successfully tested. Daily NK reports North Korea has built a number of unmanned drones which can be used for both reconnaissance and attack.

These could be used for “pincer attacks” on South Korean or western troops.

Suicide drones, which fly into their target then detonate, were used to devastating effect last year by Azerbaijan during its conflict with Armenia.

In January Kim Jong-un described the development of drones as an “important task” during a congress of North Korea’s governing communist party.

Speaking to Daily NK military insiders said the drones had been tested from April 10-13 in Pyongyang’s North Pyongan province.

On April 14 the North Korean leadership was informed their scientists had conducted “successful final tactical and technical data stabilization tests” for the drones.

Scientists had been told to complete the tests by April 15, birthday of North Korean founder Kim Il-sung.

In a message to those involved Kim Jong-un said the new weapons “establishes yet another cornerstone to promote the advancement and strength of the Korean People’s Army”.

He expressed thanks for the “hard work of all on-site researchers and reviewers, who took the lead in ensuring our party’s historical military advance”.

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North Korea was formed out of the section of the Korean peninsular occupied by Soviet troops at the end of World War II.

They backed a communist dictatorship under Kim Il-sung which remains in power to this day.

In 1950 North Korea invaded South Korea sparking a brutal three-year long war.

China intervened on the North Korean side whilst a number of western powers, most notably the US, backed Seoul.

Whilst an armistice was signed North and South Korea technically remain in a state of war.

In March Kim Jong-un described South Korean president Moon Jae-in as “a parrot raised by America”.

South Korea’s foreign minister hit back accusing Pyongyang of “nasty” and “unbearable” provocations.

During his time as president, Donald Trump controversially forged a close personal relationship with Kim Jong-un.

However, he failed to persuade the North Korean dictator to surrender the nuclear arsenal he is developing.

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