NMC allows Ukraine returnees to relocate to universities across India

The National Medical Commission (NMC) has announced that Indian medical aspirants who had returned from Ukraine due to the war will now be allowed students to transfer in colleges in countries.

“It is informed that the mobility program offered by Ukraine has been considered in the Commission in consultation with Ministry of External Affairs, wherein it was intimated that the academic mobility program is a temporary relocation to other universities in different countries globally. However, the degree will be awarded by the parent Ukrainian University,” the official notice from NMC read.

While the commission issued its no-objection for academic mobility in respect of Indian medical students who are studying in Ukraine, the authorities also added that all other criteria of screening test regulations 2022 should be fulfilled.

This announcement comes a few days after the NMC had said that it does not recognise the ‘mobility programme’ being offered by the Ukrainian government for foreign medical students.

Under the ‘mobility programme’, Indian students can opt to study at another university for a few semesters under the ‘student exchange’ programme. Other than this, students are being offered the option to return to the Ukrainian university for offline classes or continue studying theory online and return for practical training around February 2023 when the next semester begins.

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