“Nishant Bhat and Pratik Sehajpal are fake,” claims Vishal Kotian after his Bigg Boss 15 eviction | EXCLUSIVE

Vishal Kotian

“Nishant Bhatt and Pratik Sehajpal are fake,” claims Vishal Kotian after his Bigg Boss 15 eviction


  • Vishal Kotian was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 15
  • Vishal says, I was the only one playing the game with my brain’
  • Vishal Kotian feels Pratik Sehajpal and Nishant Bhat are fake

Vishal Kotian recently concluded his journey on Bigg Boss 15 along with Neha Bhasin and Jay Bhanushali. They were eliminated after receiving the least votes from the audience. Vishal, who is shocked with his early eviction, said he had no strategies when he went inside the house. “I had no strategies, I just went inside to lead the way I can, and that is how I am in real life. I think it worked, because in the initial 2-3 weeks I was in top 3 and later whatever happened, it was because of the situation. Inmates had to nominate or evict people, that is where the confusion created, and I started feeling because these people (housemates) have to evict me, I have to plead them. This was the point, where, I feel, my game dropped a little.”

“Had it been the audience’s decision, I would have been confident that they will keep me in the house for being good. Here, these people (inmates) evict me because ‘I am the competition. Kyunki Sher ko aap kahan mein dekhna pasand karoge, Jungle or circus? Jungle mein na, toh mera jungle hata ke, merko circus mein daal dia.'”

When asked who he finds fake in the house, the actor said “I think Nishant (Bhat) is completely fake, he is not like that in real life.” He also tagged Pratik Sehajpal in the same category saying, “Pratik is really fake, voh ladhka vaisa hai ni nhi, usne ek angry young man khud ke andar acting daal di hai.” Also, Vishal pointed that Tejasswi Prakash ‘sometimes look fake’ because she is an actress and tried to get into that. “Suddenly, she behaves cute and then again she becomes evil, so, people fail to understand, which is the real she (Tejasswi).” 

Vishal further added, everybody is playing their game, most of them don’t have their mind of their own, that’s why they just brag and don’t use brains, “Kyunki jiss mein dimag hota hai voh baaton se nahi ladhte, voh dimag lagate hain. that is why “You could love Vishal, you could hate Vishal but you could never ignore Vishal, everybody spoke about Vishal and said that we don’t trust Vishal but everybody’s first choice is always Vishal,” the actor said, adding “they (housemates) were scared of Vishal ‘kyunki uske pass dimag hai’.”

“I was the only one playing the game with my brain and the audience would agree that I played intelligently and good,” Vishal concluded. 

Taking about Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s bond, Vishal said “their bond it real, it looked real, they look nice together, and bond really well. Though they go a little overboard with expressions and that happens in front of the camera.” Adding, “Karan thoda sa darpok hai, voh front foot pe nhi khelta, voh peeche se khelta hai. Teju, is more upfront.”

Interestingly, Vishal hinted at going back as a wildcard contestant. “If I go back into the house, I really want to face Devoleena (Bhattacharjee), because she has spoken so much about me in all the interviews. She targeted me a lot before entering the house so I definitely wanted to face her. I also want to confront Shamita (Shetty) and tell her that let’s play the game, the way this game (Bigg Boss) is supposed to be played without emotions.”

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