‘Nightmare neighbours’ Woman frustrated with ‘unhinged’ next door neighbours

A mum and dog owner took to Mumsnet to vent about her noisy and disruptive neighbours who have made her question if she is actually the one at fault.

She ranted: “Every member of the next door family is annoying.

“They do everything loudly – chatting, playing, arguing.

“They absolutely hate me having some spindly little trees in my garden and throw every leaf that floats over back into my garden.”

For the past two years, the neighbours have not spoken to her due to the tree situation, which the Mumsnet user has quite enjoyed.

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The neighbours, despite being noisy themselves, have an issue with her dog’s loud barking.

She claimed that the dog has only been loud once or twice, and only when next door is “absolutely screaming and cackling in the early hours”.

The barking was met with anger from next door, with the neighbours banging on her wall.

Most recently her dog’s barking was set off by the loudness of the neighbours.


The mum and dog owner expressed her annoyance that the neighbours complained about the noise they started in the first place.

She lamented that the family next door will get worse as the weather improves over the summer break.

The exasperated neighbour said: “I don’t really have any resolution to this other than spending half the bloody night with my hand over the dog’s mouth so that they can enjoy their loud social gatherings.”

She asked her fellow Mumsnet users if she was the “nuisance neighbour” with the unruly dog or if her neighbours were being unreasonable.

One user said the neighbours were “obviously unreasonable”, but offered a practical solution.

“But they also don’t know that their noise is the cause of his barking, and even if they did, they won’t stop, which doesn’t solve the problem for you having to sit with the dog.

“Really the only solution is to train him to ignore the noise. If that means he has to sleep somewhere else, well, so be it.”

Another user sympathised: “I don’t have a dog (grew up with them though but never responsible for training etc), but can you even train a dog not to bark at late night disturbances? If you can…should you? Surely it’s in the dog’s nature to protect its home?

“Anyways, no I don’t think you sound like a nightmare, I think they do.

“Report them for antisocial behaviour or noise pollution or whatever. You’ll be sent a diary to log all the noise incidents but there probably isn’t much anyone can do I’m afraid.”

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