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Over the last 60 years, James Bond has killed a lot of baddies and seen allies and lovers perish too. However, only Daniel Craig had the courage to have 007 himself die. And it turns out that No Time To Die’s emotional and explosive end to Ian Fleming’s spy was years in the making.

Back in 2006, after the Berlin premiere of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig asked Barbara Broccoli how many of these Bond movies he had to make. The 007 producer told him four and he replied: “Oh, okay. Can I kill him off in the last one?”

She secretly agreed, with the star telling Variety after the release of No Time To Die: “So, I struck a deal with her back then and said, ‘That’s the way I’d like it to go.’ She stuck to her guns.” 

Yet since then, some fans have been confused as to how exactly “James Bond Will Return” as the end credits promised. Craig explained how in a new interview where he revealed the two reasons he wanted to kill off his 007.

Craig added: “And I was like, ‘Well, you need to reset again.’ So let’s kill my character off and go find another Bond and go find another story. Start at [age] 23, start at 25, start at 30.” The No Time To Die star was 38-year-old when Casino Royale hit cinemas back in 2006.

Interestingly, he thinks they should start much younger this time around. Although, 007 producer Michael G Wilson has admitted they’re looking for an actor in their thirties given that Bond is already “a veteran” who has served as a Commander in the Royal Navy.


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