New Moon horoscope: What the New Moon in Capricorn means for you

The Moon controls the tides with its gravitational pull and since humans are made of about 60 percent water, many people argue that the Moon has an impact on us too. Working with the lunar cycle can allow you to check-in with your emotions and goals several times a month. Another New Moon is here to bring your heightened emotions to the surface. chatted to Moon Mentor and author of Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon Cycles, Kirsty Gallagher (@kirsty_gallagher_ on Instagram) to find out what the New Moon in Capricorn means for you.

The first New Moon of the year is happening at 5am on Wednesday, January 13.

New Moons happen when the Sun, Moon and Earth line up in the sky and this phase is considered the beginning of the lunar journey.

A New Moon is the perfect time for setting intentions and goals that you want to achieve by the Full Moon or later in the year.

This time it’s in Capricorn, the sensible and reliable father figure of the zodiac… what does that mean for you?

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Kirsty said: “The last New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius brought a powerful point of new creation and moved you forwards into the unknown as you followed your bigger visions and dreams.

“Then to help us to close off 2020 came the Full Moon in her own sign of Cancer to help you to come home fully and completely to yourself.

“Now to move us forwards into a new beginning and New Year comes the Capricorn New Moon.

“All New Moons begin and initiate a new cycle, but this moon is truly here to support a new beginning and new direction.”

A bit like your New Year’s resolution, the first New Moon of the year is about manifesting your dreams for the near future.

Capricorn Moons in general help you to think about the long-term and find the direction you want to go in.

In her book, Lunar Living: Working with the Magic of the Moon, Kirsty writes that Capricorn Moons come to “shake the foundations of your life- your relationships, career, happiness, goals, dreams, beliefs and the very core of your being.”

If your foundations are steady they are here to stay, but if they are not real and true… it’s not meant to be.

This New Moon will reveal what is for you and what needs to go, so get ready – it’s going to be brutal!

Kirsty said that the Capricorn New Moon is your chance to look back to just one year ago.

She said: “How much has changed this year? You and possibly your life have changed in previously unimaginable ways.

“You are different now and there is no going back – this Capricorn New Moon is here to help you to look forwards.

“This New Moon wants you to take all that you have learned, how you have changed, grown and expanded, what you have faced and fought and overcome and use this knowing and deeper understanding of yourself and life to move forwards.”

She says you must use this new knowledge to “set your intentions for the year ahead and start your journey into 2021 – to really feel into what has changed in your life and how your life has taken on new meaning and purpose.”

Think about what you want to happen this year under the Capricorn New Moon.

The Capricorn New Moon will give you a burst of ambition and determination to set those wild goals and put a plan in place to achieve them.

Your desires, wants and needs have shifted, and so must your behaviour.

Kirsty said: “Capricorn is the sign associated with your dharma, your life purpose, and so this Moon calls you to begin and live this year from a place of true purpose and calling, in alignment with your heart and soul and following your true path and how you are being called to live and contribute from your most authentic self and your highest good.

“It’s time to bring together all that you have learned since this time a year ago and make a fresh start under this new moon.

“It’s time to plan what you want your long-term visions and dreams to be for 2021 and start to put the action plan into place of how you will get there. Let’s dream big, let’s be the change…”

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