Navratri 2021: Simple meal ideas and fasting tips

Fasting is considered to be a good way to detox the body. And with Navratri ongoing at the moment, many people observe a fast for nine days. If you too are fasting this Chaitra Navratri, that will continue till April 22, you may want to look at these essential tips to make your fasts healthy and sustainable.

Here’s what nutritionist Shivika Gandhi had to say about fasting during Navratri.

“Foods allowed for Navratri fasting are healthy if incorporated wisely,” she wrote on Instagram.

What should your main meals be like?

*Make use of flour from grains like buckwheat/amaranth/singhara to make rotis or cheelas that can be combined with vegetables/curd.

*Sabudana/samak can be used to make a vegetable upma/pulao/khichdi that can be consumed with curd. To make it more nutritious and delicious, add curry leaves and peanuts to it.

Snack meals?

For filling and interesting snack items, try and make

*Buckwheat dhokla
*Sago yogurt parfait
*Fruit smoothie

You can have fruit smoothie to keep you satiated for longer. (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

*Roasted makhana
*Grilled paneer
*Sabudana bhel

Other tips

*Drink plenty of water for hydration.
*You can also include coconut water and fruit lassi in your meal plan to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

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