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Laura Hughes at PayDashboard said: “There are many ways that employers can help. They must start by clearly outlining the big things that will impact their workers’ bottom line pay in 2022, such as the Health & Social Care Levy.

“However, there are allowances, and tax breaks that employers and employees are entitled to help them claim some of this money back. Unfortunately, so many are unaware of this and we need to do more to educate and support our workers.” spoke to the experts to find out what these are.

Government schemes and tax relief

If you’re eligible, making use of the Government’s schemes to help with rising living costs is a good start.

Greg Wilson, founder of energy comparison website said: “There are many schemes out there, including the Warm Home Discount and Winter Fuel Payments scheme, that should make bills a little easier to pay. These schemes are targeted to both the elderly and those on a low-income, providing support to the most vulnerable demographics.”

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