Nancy Pelosi becomes ruffled after being confronted by anti-Biden chants during key speech | World | News

Nancy Pelosi appeared in San Francisco on behalf of Joe Biden to promote his Build Back Better infrastructure plan which would look to improve the safety in the city. But into her speech, Ms Pelosi was interrupted by a very loud man who began chanting “Let’s Go Brandon” and “USA” which caught the Speaker off-guard as she tried to shrug off the intervention. Ms Pelosi eventually handed over to Representative Mark DeSaulnier who joked “I hope he’s not one of my constituents” to try and swerve the awkward encounter.

Ms Pelosi was promoting the $1.2trillion infrastructure bill in her hometown of San Francisco which was narrowly passed.

Fears grew over the vote which could have caused a government shutdown if it was not passed because funding of public services would have been cut for the following months.

In December 2018, the then President, Donald Trump, saw the longest government shut down in American history after representatives did not vote through the budget due to the addition of funding of Mr Trump’s border wall.

The shutdown was eventually lifted after 35 days with little progress made for Mr Trump’s wall.

Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill narrowly passed 220-213 with Democrats and Republicans voting on party lines except for one rebel Democrat.

The “Let’s go Brandon” meme came to be after an unfortunate mishap from NBC Sports correspondent Kelli Stavast went viral.

The reporter conducted an interview with NASCAR driver Brandon Brown and she incorrectly believed the crowd were chanting “Let’s go Brandon” over his victory.

But as the microphone was directed towards spectators, it became clear they were instead chanting “F*** Joe Biden” with Ms Stavast awkwardly filibustering to draw attention away from her mistake.

The singing became louder with Mr Trump saying: “I still haven’t figured out, was that young, attractive female reporter, was she trying to cover up or was she being nice and did not understand what was happening?

“She works for NBC so it’s around 94 percent sure she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Anyway, Brandon has become a big star, nobody had ever heard of this guy now he’s one of the biggest stars…

“But I still like the first phrase more.”

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