Naked Bike Ride: Londoners strip off for the annual event

The annual London leg of the World Naked Bike Ride was cancelled last year due to the Covid pandemic, but this year, it was a go to bare it all and cycle around London. The Bike Ride was started in 2004 and protests oil dependency, as well as celebrating body positivity.

This year, the after-party was cancelled and cyclists were encouraged to social distance and wear masks.

The Naked Bike Ride is a favourite on social media, with bystanders taking to Twitter to comment.

One user said: “Naked bike ride. Just a normal Saturday.”

And a supportive person tweeted: “Today was London naked bike ride, I don’t personally ride a bike or get naked in public but, big up to all enjoying naked cycling.”


Another, who didn’t know it was happening today, said: “Ah, it’s the ‘World Naked Bike Ride Day.’ For a moment I didn’t understand why I was seeing naked people everywhere then happy nudist day to everyone.”

Someone was very happy about the ride: “My long and normally very boring walk to the supermarket today was made considerably more interesting by encountering a naked bike ride.

They continued: “All trips to Sainsbury’s should involve a load of blokes with their kit off waving rainbow peace flags.”

The World Naked Bike ride does not only happen in London, with many cities around the UK, and the world, taking part.

Brighton’s version of the event is tomorrow.

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