Mukesh Khanna says ‘Shaktimaan has every power’ after being compared to Avengers


Mukesh Khanna on Shaktimaan

Ever since Sony Pictures acquired the film adaptation rights of India’s most coveted superhero IP, ‘Shaktimaan,’ comparisons are being made between the Indian hero and Marvel characters. Finally, Mukesh Khanna who played the titular role in the Indian television for seven years broke his silence and said ‘Shaktimaan has every power as he’s made of panch bhoota.’ For the unversed, the veteran actor played the famous superhero and his alter ego Pandit Gangadhar Vidyadhar Mayadhar Omkarnath Shastri in Shaktimaan, which was launched on Doordarshan, back in September 1997.

Discussing Shaktimaan’s power, Khanna told Brut India, “If you compare with the powers of any superhero, maybe Iron Man, Spider-man, or Superman, and you compare it with Shaktimaan, Shaktimaan can do everything. It will become a global…that superhero now…in contrast, in front of maybe Avengers.” 

The actor added that people usually tell him ‘Shaktimaan has to increase his powers’ since he is competing with Avengers. Reacting to this, he said, “let me tell you that Shaktimaan has every kind of power because he’s made from the panch bhoota (five elements) of the universe.”

Earlier, Sony pictures shared the teaser of the Shaktimaan movie. “After the super success of our many superhero films in India and globally, its time for our desi Superhero! Sony Pictures International Productions is set to bring ‘Shaktimaan’ to the big screen, and will recreate the magic of the iconic superhero, to be headlined by one of India’s superstars. Will join hands with Brewing Thoughts Private Limited, and Mukesh Khanna’s Bheeshm International,” read the description of the YouTube video.

Meanwhile, ‘Shaktimaan’ is India’s most iconic superhero brand. Produced by Mukesh Khanna and directed by Dinkar Jani, Shaktimaan chronicled the adventures of the famous superhero and Gangadhar. The blockbuster series aired on Doordarshan from 1997 and 2005.

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