Morocco tragedy as boy, 5, dies after four-day rescue mission to save him from well | World | News

The boy – named in local media as Rayan – was traipped around 104ft down a well.

Rescuers reached his body this evening but it was sadly too late to save the youngster.

The news was confirmed by the North African country’s monarch.

King Mohammed VI palace said he made a phone call to Khaled Oram and Wassima Khersheesh, the boy’s parents.

News of his death came shortly after rescuers reached the boy’s body.

They worked through the night to dig an access tunnel less than 3ft from the boy.

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Chief rescuer Abdelhadi Tamrani told AFP that the camera showed him from behind lying on his side.

“It is not possible to determine the child’s condition at all at this time. But we hope to God that the child is alive,” he told local TV.

As the tragic news emerged, many social media users paid tribute to the youngster and his family.

Mahmoud Rabie wrote: “Sleep in peace little angel. You brought the world together but shattered our hearts.

“Rest In Peace Rayan. We are burning inside!”

Simø Elyouzghi tweeted: “RIP #Ryan

“A long wait, a very small joy, then a shock and a great sadness.”

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