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Nicola runs her platform The Frugal Cottage, where she aims to show fans how to live “the good life” on a budget.

Living in the North of Englan, the award-winning personal finance blogger shares her home with her husband and two sons.

She undertook a £10 a week food budget challenge shopping only at Aldi.

Nicola said the challenge was one of the most requested videos she’d ever had after previously doing the same at Morrisons, and was keen to give it a go.

The mum claimed she felt she did better at Morrisons shopping with £10 as she was able to check the prices online beforehand.

Unable to do this for her trip to Aldi, Nicola felt “unprepared”. Still, she managed to buy a huge amount of food for just £10.

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Nicola has just over a pound leftover from the £10 budget.

She also created a £10 weekly meal plan with the shop.

£10 Aldi weekly meal plan


Instant oats


Peanut butter on toast


Poached egg on toast and a banana


Jacket potato with spagehtti hoops (two nights)

Chili with homemade potato wedges (four nights)

Omelette with mixed veg (one night)

At the end of the week, Nicola had one egg left and almost the whole jar of peanut butter.

She had two bananas left and a third of a loaf of bread.

You can follow Nicola’s money saving journey on her Instagram and her Youtube.

Nicola felt she did better shopping on a £10 budget at Morrisons

For those living off a similar budget, she advised “writing a meal plan and sticking to a list” is key.

You can follow Nicola’s money saving journey on her Instagram and her Youtube.

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