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Mick Jagger pays tribute to Charlie Watts at Rolling Stones show

Mick Jagger is one of the world’s best-known rock stars of all time. Over the years, The Rolling Stones star has made himself a nuisance both on and off stage – but his friends were also victims of being wound up as well.

On one extreme occasion, Jagger got himself on the wrong side of the band’s drummer, Charlie Watts.

Watts, who died a year ago this week, on August 24, 2021, calmly went to Jagger and gave him a piece of his mind.

Keith Richards, the Rolling Stones’ guitarist, recalled the violent event in his 2010 autobiography “Life”.

At the time, the band were looking at splitting up. Richards recalled Jagger telling Watts: “None of this should matter to you because you’re only my drummer.”

This comment later came back to haunt him in 1984 when they were in Amsterdam on a night out.

Jagger – who was wearing Richards’ jacket – wanted to cause some drunken chaos. Richards recalled: “We got back to the hotel about five in the morning and Mick called up Charlie. I said: ‘Don’t call him, not at this hour.’ But he did, and said: ‘Where’s my drummer?’ No answer. He puts the phone down.”

Mick Jagger rolling stones

Mick Jagger was victim of an attack from Rolling Stones star (Image: GETTY)

Behind the scenes, Watts was furious.

Being called “Jagger’s drummer” was enough to send him over the edge.

Behind the scenes, he showered, prepared his outfit, and put on his best suit before making his way down the hall to Jagger’s hotel room.

Richards wrote: “Mick and I were still sitting there, pretty [drunk]… when, about twenty minutes later, there was a knock at the door. There was Charlie Watts. Savile Row suit, perfectly dressed, tie, shaved, the whole f*****g bit. I could smell the cologne!”

Jagger was not expecting what was in store for him.

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Mick Jagger charlie watts

Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts did not see eye to eye at all times (Image: GETTY)

Mick Jagger charlie watts

Mick Jagger and Charlie Watts later made up (Image: GETTY)

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Richards went on: “I opened the door and [Watts] didn’t even look at me, he walked straight past me, [and] got hold of Mick.”

Watts calmly told Jagger: “Never call me your drummer again.”

“Then,” Richards wrote. “[Watts] hauled [Jagger] up by the lapels of my jacket and gave him a right hook.”

Things almost turned fatal for the singer, though.

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The powerful punch launched Jagger backwards and almost sent him out of a nearby window.

Thankfully, Richards was quick to act.

“I was thinking, this is a good [punch],” he said. “And then I realised it was my wedding jacket. And I grabbed hold of it and caught Mick just before he slid into the Amsterdam canal.”

Watts screamed: “Why did you stop him [from falling]?” Richards replied: “My jacket, Charlie, that’s why!”

The drummer wasn’t done, however.

Richards said: “It took me twenty-four hours after that to talk Charlie down. I thought I’d done it when I took him up to his room, but twelve hours later, he was saying: ‘F**k it, I’m gonna go down and do it again.’ It takes a lot to wind that man up.”

Despite this brawl, Jagger and Watts later made up and were friends until the end.

Just today, on the anniversary of Watts’ death, Jagger posted a video praising the star. He said: “I miss Charlie because he had a great sense of humour. And we also were, outside of the band … we used to hang out quite a lot and have interesting times. We loved sports: we’d go to football, we’d go to cricket games, and we had other interests apart from music. But of course I really miss Charlie so much.”


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