Mere UK: Supermarket to open its first store in Preston this weekend

Svetofor is a Russian discount supermarket that has 3,200 stores worldwide. The company expanded to Europe in 2018, operating under the name Mere. This weekend will be the first time for it to open a supermarket in the UK.

Mere is a budget supermarket claiming to be 30 percent cheaper than the UK’s most affordable supermarkets, such as Aldi and Lidl.

When the chain first announced its UK openings earlier this year, in May, it stated that its first store will be launching at a former Nisa branch in Preston, Lancashire.

Now, this shop is ready to open to the public.

Mere’s first UK store will open on Saturday, August 14, at 10am.

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It will include a walk-in chiller room and a freezer to allow multi-temperature ranges to be sold from the pallet they are arrive on.

There will only be eight members of staff in the whole store, which is a further effort by the company to keep costs low.

Earlier this month, Aleksandr Chkalov, Mere UK Business Development Manager, told The Grocer: “On 14 August we will be glad to present our new retail model: a real hard discounter, with no shelves, no service, no convenience, just the lowest prices.”

Pavels Antonovs, Head of Buying at Mere UK, added: “We are the gap in the market.

The company has plans to launch a further 300 shops in the country in the future.

It has confirmed the opening of four other stores this year, located in Wales and Yorkshire.

A second store is expected to open in September in Caldicot, south Wales.

Shops in Mold, North Wales, and Castleford, West Yorkshire, will open later this year.

As well as the UK, Mere wants to soon expand in Italy, Spain, Greece, and Bulgaria.

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