Meghan Markle’s year in horoscopes: Duchess ‘natural-born leader’ and ‘loyal’ friend

The psychics predicted a few busy months ahead for Meghan, especially as she is due to give birth soon. During her and Prince Harry’s interview with Oprah on March 7, viewers saw how heavily pregnant Meghan is, but the royal couple has not mentioned when exactly the baby is due. However, they did announce that they were expecting a girl.

Being born in early August, Meghan’s star sign is Leo and her rising sign, or Ascendant, is Libra.

Gemma Stacey, a spiritualist medium and psychic said the Duchess’ zodiac sign gives “great insight” into her personality.

She said: “Meghan is kind, warm, and inviting, even towards people she does not know.

“She will go out of her way to help others, which shows in her activism work.”

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No stranger to hearing that her name has been in the press, Gemma believed Meghan will again be the subject of many news articles this year.

She said: “There will be a story from a staff member that works closely with Megan and Harry in the national press.”

As for the Duchess’ pregnancy, Gemma predicted that Meghan will “go into labour earlier than stated when giving birth to her second child”.

Meanwhile, Meghan and Harry’s firstborn, Archie, “will be a talented artist”, according to Gemma.

Gemma noted another trait of Meghan’s personality that is common in Leos.

She said: “Meghan is a loyal and generous friend, and she will donate a notable amount to a charity that stands for the rights of those underprivileged.”

Psychic Laura Wilson-Brown of the Intuitive Alchemy also commented on Meghan’s characteristics in relation to her zodiac sign.

She said: “Meghan is a Leo Sun, which means that what she projects into the world is a confident, in charge persona.

“And since Leo’s characteristics are so strong, they’re not on display just when the media is around. Her sun and her rising sign, Libra, make her need to control a trait that dominates much of her life,” the psychic added.

Laura continued with her 2021 predictions for Meghan: “This year, she will be part of a massive outreach, especially governing women, since she is attracting the names of other high-profile feminists within the US and finally being seen with the level of seriousness that she has wanted.

“All this attention puts her front and centre, and while she may well drag Harry along like a lost puppy, it’s evident that she is in charge,” she added.

Like Gemma, Laura also mentioned Meghan’s loyalty as both a friend and wife, saying: “While 2021 will present some challenges to both Meghan and Harry’s relationship to the point of potentially questioning if they made the right decision to leave royal life behind, especially when Meghan’s career hits a bit of a dry spot, it’s clear that they’re fiercely loyal and endlessly stubborn.

“Meghan’s desire to control and Harry’s need to save her from what his mother experienced isn’t ending anytime soon,” she added. 

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