Meghan Markle’s ‘minimal’ style choice lets ‘her beauty and presence do the talking’

Meghan Markle‘s style has transitioned since her marriage to Prince Harry, becoming more “refined” over the years. However, thanks to her career in the spotlight, the Duchess has picked up some style skills which allow “her beauty and presence to do the talking”.

“She lets her beauty and her presence do the talking and she keeps her clothes quite clean and unfussy.”

According to Miranda, some of her staple items include skinny or straight-leg jeans, both of which are well suited to her figure.

She added: “She also loves shorts, the preppy city shorts look good on her.

“Sometimes the short suits look great, although we are going into the winter now, so we’ll see less of that.”

In keeping with her neutral style, the Duchess tends to lean towards a neutral colour palette.

Miranda explained: “Meghan tends to go more for neutrals. And actually, more and more over the last couple of years has really gone for black and white or variations of [the colour palette].”

The style coach continued: “She loves her classic tan, including the camel coat and her shoes, but also very frequently handbags, maybe a pair of sunglasses and a belt.

“Accessories are minimal and just very, very well chosen as to compliment but not overpower. She never tries any particularly overpowering or overbearing trends there.

“It’s really about the woman rather than the clothes with Megan.”

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