Meghan Markle treats Prince Harry ‘like her son’ with specific gesture – body language

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for four years but in recent public appearances, Jesús Enrique Rosas, aka the Body Language Guy on YouTube has suggested the Duchess of Sussex has displayed more motherly behaviour instead of a spouse when it comes to the Duke. 

Since moving to California, Prince Harry has been regularly playing polo on a weekend. 

Keen to support her husband from the sidelines, Meghan has also been photographed accompanying him to the matches. 

And it was after one match that Jesús believes Meghan is behaving more like a mother than a wife to Harry. 

Having won the league, Harry and his teammates stepped onto the stage to receive the trophy. 

Meghan congratulated each of them before her husband leaned in for a very public kiss. 

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“You might remember that Nacho is one of Harry’s long-time friends that has been supporting him so far. 

“But Meghan’s presence here is invasive, not only with the sharp contrast of how she’s dressed to compare to the team’s uniforms with the background, she’s the only one with huge sunglasses and a hat.” 

The body language expert suggested: “The most relevant gesture here is when she wipes – what we believe is lipstick – from Harry’s mouth. 

“I understand she wants to see him nice and tidy, but they have just finished a polo match, and no one will be able to see the lipstick smear from a distance. 

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“What’s more that is not a gesture we have seen Meghan doing to Harry in previous times – it was an outlier gesture that looked motherly,” he claimed. 

“And it wasn’t the only time Meghan looked like Harry’s mother at that event. 

“Harry was talking to one of the attendants at the polo match, two things happened here; first Meghan and Harry’s bodyguard gets in the middle of the conversation, and right at the same time, Meghan who is holding his hand, pulls him away from the conversation. 

“Meghan made Harry break any contact with the person he is talking to,” Jesús opined. “Like a mother telling his son they are ready to go.”

The expert said Meghan’s body language suggests she is “dominant” and Harry either mirrors her behaviour or follows. 

This isn’t the first time Meghan has encouraged Harry to leave. 

In March 2019, the couple arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service. 

Following the service, Harry engaged in a conversation with a couple of the guests, but Meghan was spotted interrupting him to suggest they head outside.

The same thing happened when the couple was in New York last November for the Salute to Freedom Gala. 

The Duchess was seen again, tapping Harry’s arm and encouraging him to move on from socialising with guests. 

Jesús Enrique Rosas is a Body Language expert and Persuasion consultant. 

He has written several books, and conducts masterclasses in body language analysis for Knesix Insitute. 

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