Meghan Markle news: Prince Harry’s wife could skip Royal Family traditions in pregnancy

Because of this, royal experts have suggested the pregnancy could be different as they may not need to follow any royal traditions.

When Meghan was pregnant with Archie, she celebrated with her friends at a baby shower which took place at The Mark Hotel in New York.

Royal expert and editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine Ingrid Seward explained royals will traditionally have discreet baby showers, if having one at all.

She stated: “Baby showers are essentially an American invention – one that has become increasingly popular in the UK, if not more low-key than celebrations in the US.


“Though the royals are, of course, allowed to have baby showers like everyone else, they are usually very discreet about them.”

As Meghan is no longer a working royal, however, the expert claimed she could opt for a “lavish” shower for baby number two.

“Contrary to usual Royal Family form, Meghan’s shower for baby Archie caused much fuss – as she flew to the big apple to celebrate,” Ingrid continued.

“Brimming with celebrities, she was showered with expensive gifts and treated to the very best.

Jess said: “Now that they’ve made a break away from royal tradition, we believe that Meghan will want to make this second pregnancy her own – without influence from the Royal Family.

“Due to how we’ve all had to treat our homes as sanctuaries this year, we believe she’ll host a lavish celebration in her home in the US, instead of at an establishment like The Mark Hotel.”

The expert claimed attending a baby shower is something Meghan could do again with her second pregnancy.

While the coronavirus crisis continues, Jess suggested this is something the royal may be likely to do from home.

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