Meghan Markle: Duchess of Sussex shows ’empathy’ as she opens up on parenting

“The best politicians aren’t ‘career politicians’ but, as Meghan does seem to describe herself, ‘Engaged citizens and parents’, who are driven by a passionate desire to make change for the better.

“Truly great politicians don’t always choose leadership but have had it thrust on them by people needing a strong voice from someone with influence, and that is exactly where Meghan sounds with her words and sentiments here.

“The letter reads like a very powerful and eloquent speech, and it almost seems a shame we can’t hear her deliver it too, in her own voice and with her own emotions,” Judi said.

“Like all good political speeches, she sets out her objective for change before scoping the narrative out into a section that is often referred to as the ‘This is who I am’ bit during leadership speeches.

“Like Kier Starmer’s speech at this year’s conference, and like many party leader’s speeches before his, there is a large chunk of biographical content aimed at creating a sense of empathy and justification for speaking on behalf of those families they hope to represent.

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