Mangalorean Fish Curry, Fish Gassi And More: Try These 7 Delicious South Indian Fish Curry Recipes

Fish curries in south India pack a flavour punch. The taste of sour and spicy food is so beloved in this part of the country, that it’s also a characteristic of their seafood curries. Irrespective of whether your allegiances lie in Kerala, Mangalore or Goa, some of the common ingredients that play pivotal roles in any south India fish curry are coconut, tamarind, and smouldering dry red chillies. The best fish that you can use for any south India curry are Kingfish, Mackarel, Seer Fish, Barracuda or Pomfret. But whatever fish you use, it’s always better to use those with the least number of bones so that they’re easy to eat

Here are seven recipes from south India that are lip-smacking as well as easy:

1) Mangalorean Fish

Locally known as ‘Meen Gassi‘, this curry is popular and is served with rice in the coastal area of Mangalore, Karnataka. It is cooked with King Fish or Surmai by steaming in banana leaves.

Mangalorean fish curry is delicious

2) Fish Gassi

Another popular dish carrying the essence of southern India, it is made using coconut milk and tamarind paste.

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3) Meen Kozhambu

A classic South Indian dish where fish is cooked in a spicy, tangy tamarind base. When cooked in an earthen pot, the taste and aroma get extremely rich.

4) Fish Moilee

A famous fish curry from Kerala, the word “moilee” here means stew. It is prepared by stewing fish in coconut milk and cooked with a very low spiced flavour.

kerala fish curryFish moilee is cooked in coconut milk

5) Chepala Iguru (fish curry from Andhra Pradesh)

A traditional delicacy from Andhra Pradesh, it is an amazing mixture of rich gravy filled with hot spices and amazing mouth-watering flavour. The dish is perfect for lunch or dinner and can be served with chapati or steamed rice.

6) Fish Curry Without Oil

By cutting down oil, this recipe takes into account the hunger of those keeping a tab on their weight. The recipe uses coconut, tamarind and a small amount of spices.

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7) South Indian Fish Curry In White Gravy

The use of adequate amount of coconut milk gives this curry a soothing white colour. This recipe does not require hours of marination. A mere 20 minutes would be enough.


Fish curry in white gravy is delicious

The key to making any of these fish curries is the balanced amount of spices, sourness and heat quotient. The perfect balance takes these curries to another level.

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