Make 2022 the year you switch to that web developer career you’ve been wanting

You don’t need tech experience to learn how to become a web developer when there are courses that can teach you what you need from scratch.

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Make 2022 the year you learn to code. There are some very cool jobs for web developers, and the 2022 Web Development for Beginners Bundle can get you off to a great start.

Total novices can dive right in with “Learn C++ Programming for Beginners.” It’s two hours of content that will teach you about C++ and all of its features from the very basic fundamentals. Students have been very satisfied with this course, rating it 4.6 stars out of five. The course is presented by EDUOLC, which has created a custom learning platform with some of the top instructors in the industry.

Then you can continue to get more practice if you follow up with the four-hour “C++ for Non-Programmers.” You will master C programming, learning how to use it for effective approaches to problem-solving.

“CSS3 in 30 Days (All Projects Unlocked)” offers the opportunity to code 30 projects in the same number of days. Then you’ll never need to rely on templates, plugins or code snippets ever again.

You’ll learn how to build native applications for desktop, web, Android and iOS in “The Complete Dart Language Guide for Google Flutter Dart.” The course covers Dart programming basics in detail, as well as how Flutter can be integrated with existing Android and iOS codebases.

If you’ve already got the basics of C# and Git, you’ll find “Visual Studio Code for C# .NET Developers” somewhat easier. It teaches you how to edit source code in the most productive way using Visual Studio Code. Likewise, if you have at least a basic knowledge of JavaScript Framework or web development, the “Angular 8” course will be a bit easier. You’ll learn the fundamentals of Angular and how to create a project from scratch using it.

In addition to JavaScript basics, you will also need to be familiar with React, Node and MongoDB to get the most out of “GraphQL with React: Build Real World GraphQL Projects.” Because you will build actual web apps with them to learn GraphQL. And although you’ll need to know the basics of .NET, Swagger, OpenAPI and more, “Hands-on .NET Web API Documentation with Swagger/OpenAPI” will take you step-by-step into more advanced practices.

Get The 2022 Web Development for Beginners Bundle now for just $29.99 (normally $1,600).

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