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Madonna probably isn’t used to many people saying no to her. Especially back in 1990 when she was at the height of her dazzling fame. The singer was in the middle of her Blond Ambition world tour, which she was also filming behind the scenes for the documentary In Bed With Madonna. The superstar was very open about how obsessed she was with Banderas, who is on-screen twice tomorrow afternoon (at the same time) in Puss in Boots and The Mask of Zorro. She set up a meeting at a Madrid dinner party and declared to the world (and the cameras) “I’m going to make Antonio fall madly in love with me.” SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH WHAT HAPPENED

Never mind the fact that Madonna was dating Hollywood legend Warren Beatty at the time (from January 1990 to April 1991), she apparently had her heart and other parts set on the Spanish heartthrob.

She called Almodovar and asked to be introduced at a high-profile dinner party, and then told the documentary filmmakers: “Antonio Banderas is this Spanish actor that I’ve had a crush on for two years. I’ve seen every movie that Antonio has ever done. I have to say he’s one of the few actors that I was dying to meet… I spent the whole week psyching myself up for this party that I’m going to.”

When she heard there was a major obstacle to her plan, the star shamelessly tried to remove it.

Madonna added: “Although there’s this one major obstacle that I never really counted on: his wife.”

Not to be deterred, she demanded that Banderas’ wife, Ana Leza, was seated at a different table. It was all captured on camera, with Leza blowing awkward kisses to the other table. The whole scene is equally awkward to watch.

Almodovar recently revealed: “At the end of the dinner, Ana dared to get close to our table and told the divine blonde sarcastically, ‘I see you like my husband, it doesn’t surprise me, all women like him, but I don’t mind because I am very modern.’ To which Madonna replied: ‘Get lost.’”

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On film, Madonna said at the party, sat next to the object of her desire: “I’ve been wanting to meet Antonio for years. I finally get to meet him and he’s married. That’s one of life’s little f*** overs!”

Embarrassingly for the blonde bombshell, despite all her attempts to be charming and flirtatious, Banderas himself later claimed he had no idea Madonna was actually interested in him at all.

In fact, he only found out when she contacted him to warn that the footage was being included in In Bed With Madonna.

Almodovar called the exchange at the table “the most amusing moment of the night”, but expressed his deep unhappiness that any footage from his dinner party had been used for In Bed with Madonna without the director’s permission.

He said: “I don’t mind if this seems like a settling of scores – if it had been the other way round, I would have taken such a hit in the form of a lawsuit I’d still be recovering from it. Madonna treated us like simpletons and I had to say it one day.”

Banderas divorced Leza in 1996, the same year he starred with Madonna in Evita. But, by then, he had already remarried, to Hollywood star Melanie Griffith, while Madge was dating Carlos Leon, the father of her daughter Lourdes.


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