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Pavarotti was was one of the most legendary opera singers of all time. Through his 50 year career, he won seven Grammy Awards and was known as The King of High C’s ​(​after the monumentally high notes he could hit​)​. But in 1998 he decided to join the world of pop by teaming up with a British girl band.

On June 8, 1998, Pavarotti held a concert titled Pavarotti & Friends in Moderna, Italy.

Throughout the night​ of entertainment,​ ​the Italian maestro invited a number of popular artists on stage with him to perform in aid of the children of Liberia.

Included in this line-up of stars was none other than the Spice Girls.

The pop group had only kicked off their careers four years prior in 1994, but the band were already massively popular around the world.

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The Spice Girls​’ attendance was a little different to how fans may remember them, however. A week earlier, on May 31, Geri Halliwell quit the band. At the time she cited “creative differences” as well as claims she was “suffering from exhaustion and disillusionment”. So the Spice Girls went on stage as a quartet and performed one of their biggest hits to date: Viva Forever.

Classic FM reports Pavarotti was given the jovial nickname Mel High C (after Mel ​C​).

On the same evening of entertainment for the children of Liberia Pavarotti performed alongside Jon Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder.

He also enjoyed a duet with Celine Dion on the timeless song I Hate You Then I Love You.

The Pavarotti & Friends album hit number one in the US Classical Album chart.


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