Lock Upp: Sangram Singh has THIS to say after fiancee Payal Rohatgi reveals she can’t get pregnant


Payal Rohatgi revealed she and Sangram Singh have been trying to have kids since 4-5 years

Lock Upp: Sangram Singh has strongly reacted after her fiancee made an emotional confession that she can’t get pregnant in the reality TV show. While talking about her infertility issues, Payal broke down inside Kangana Ranaut‘s reality show and said that she often asks Sangram Singh to marry someone else as she can’t conceive and give him kids. She revealed that after repeated efforts she has been unsuccessful in getting pregnant and that this is the reason behind the delay in her and Sangam’s marriage. 

Sangram Singh’s statement 

Sangram Singh, who had recently visited the reality show as a guest proposed to Payal for marriage. He recently opened up about Payal’s confession and said that the most important thing for him is the love between them. He also shared that he and Payal have the options of surrogacy and adoption to have kids. 

Sagram told ETimes, “Payal is a very brave girl. I am proud of her. Yes, her IVF failed and the doctors told her that she won’t be able to conceive. But, so what? What is most important is that we love each other as we are. Tomorrow, the same problem I could have had; maybe I was unable to produce kids. Would Payal have left me then? Certainly not. Yes, she did tell me that I should start looking for someone else to marry and have kids of my own, but I could only laugh at what she suggested. We are together and we shall remain together forever.”

He added, “Are people who have kids all happy? Kya kar liya hai un logone ne jinke bachche hain? (What have they achieved) Are they superior? So what’s the big deal about kids? Love between partners is important and that’s all that matters. I would love to bring up a child who is yearning for love. And, I just hope that Payal’s statement is primarily seen as a message to all couples who cannot have a biological child. Still in many villages in our country, couples separate from each other to marry someone else in pursuit of having a biological child.”

Sangram reassured that he is going to marry Payal in July as he had said earlier.

Payal Rohatgi’s confession 

During one of the episodes, Payal said on Lock Upp, “I can’t get pregnant. We are trying since 4-5 years to have kids, I tried IVF, nahi ho raha (but it doesn’t happen). And once a troll called me ‘baanjh (barren).’ I feel sad for Sangram because he loves kids, I can’t have kids, he deserves to have his own kids.”

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