Lilibet could inherit six items from Diana’s jewellery collection worth over £700,000

In total, these six items from Diana’s collection that Meghan has been pictured wearing over the years could be valued in excess of £700,000. And as Prince Harry and Meghan’s only daughter and the late Diana’s granddaughter, Lilibet may one day inherit the hugely sentimental jewels.

Lilibet’s cousin Princess Charlotte, the only daughter of Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, is also likely to inherit many of Diana’s jewels that Kate often wears.

Kate wears Diana’s famous sapphire engagement ring and has also been spotted wearing her sapphire earrings, pearl earrings and three-strand pearl bracelet over the years.

The Spencer Tiara, which belongs to Diana’s family, was also a firm favourite of the Princess’ and she wore it for her royal wedding in 1981. In the future, Lilibet and Charlotte may get the opportunity to wear the stunning diadem themselves.

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